“The soldiers were delighted with the trip…thought the sights grand…and seemed to be in the best of spirits the whole time.” Lt. James A. Moss FortMissoulaMuseum.org

Lieutenant James A. Moss was an officer in the 25th Infantry. The 25th was made up of African American soldiers (other than the officers) who were referred to as "Buffalo Soldiers" at the time.

Lt. Moss was an avid cyclist, and after seeing the bicycle used with success by foreign militaries, they decided to try and see if the United States could find a way to use this modern invention for their benefit.

The 25th Infantry was based at Fort Missoula and after several weeks of training, Lt. Moss decided to take the Bicycle Corps into Yellowstone to see how they handled the rugged terrain.

Take a look at a few pictures from their adventures below...

Buffalo Soldiers Bicycled 132 Miles Through Yellowstone In 1896

The Buffalo Soldiers who made up the volunteer Bicycle Corps of the 25th Infantry Regiment bicycled 132 Miles Through Yellowstinw in 1896.

According to Lt. Moss' journaling, and documentation of the adventure it was a total success, and there wasn't a part of the 100 plus mile journey that the 25th Infantry wasn't able to handle.

In fact, it was such a success that the next year, the 25th Infantry went on to cycle from Fort Missoula to St. Louis Missouri...a journey of almost 2,000 miles.

If you'd like to learn more about "Buffalo Soldiers" here is a short film about the history of the US Calvery and "Buffalo Soldiers".

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