Thousands of Disney and marathon fanatics filled the Walt Disney World Resort last weekend and one of them, from Colorado, made some serious history!

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Who Doesn't Love Disney?

If you've followed along with my journey, or read this Disney article I wrote a while back about Disney, you know I'm a Disney Fanatic. I'm wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt as we speak. My family and I go to Disney at least once a year, twice the last few years. The feeling you get when you're in the parks is indescribable. The smells, the sounds, the thrills, the smiles, the laughs, and even the exercise you get walking all over the parks. What's not to love? One thing I've never tried, and truthfully have zero interest in, are the Walt Disney World "Run Disney" marathons they do. One Colorado woman though, made history in these runs just last week

Colorado Woman Makes History At Walt Disney World

Making history in the "Most Magical Place on Earth" isn't something on my goals list, but it was on Brittany Charboneau's list, and she made that dream come true last weekend at Walt Disney World's "Run Disney" marathon events. This 33-year-old Denver native is the first person to ever win all four races during the Run Disney events at Walt Disney World.

In an article from ESPN, Brittany said:

"My goal the whole time with every single race was to have fun, be in costume the whole time and soak up every minute. It wasn't about the wins but the fact that those were on top of it, I mean it's just like this is the world's best weekend"

Here's A Video Of Brittany's Walt Disney World's Run Disney Domination

I may not be a runner, but I doubt I'll ever top the experience Brittany just had while making history at WDW. Congrats, Brittany, you're Colorado Disney fam is proud of ya. Also, maybe you made me wanna do the Run Disney event after all.

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