Three houses to look at, a few days to make a choice, it's HGTV's 'House Hunters.' One of a lot of folks' weekend viewing. Did you catch Loveland? You still can.

On this particular episode of 'House Hunters' the couple is coming from Boston. They are a couple of doctors who are looking to move with their dog, Hazel, to Colorado where the cost of living is less than Massachusetts'.

Set you calendars for February 2, 2022, as that will be the next airing of this 'House Hunters' episode entitled, "The Mayor of Loveland," which originally aired in late December of 2021.

I read that tittle and thought that maybe they were moving here to get into politics. That is not the case. The husband was such a popular fellow back where they came from, that they called him 'The Mayor of Boston.'

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The husband wants to spend $750,000 on their new home, the wife would rather only spend $600,000. They take a look at three nice houses, each with its own 'charm,' and land on one; pretty much like on any other 'House Hunters' you may have ever seen.

There are some shots of Loveland, here and there: Foote Lagoon, the Visitor's Center, but it's not like you see them hanging out at Loveland Aleworks, or maybe at Dark Heart Coffee, trying to make their decision.

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They could have gotten some footage of them walking around Benson Sculpture Garden, where you might have heard them say,

there sure are a lot of sculptures in this town...

One thing that the couple does get right, is searching for a home that faces south. Nobody likes to shovel, that's for sure.

Episode 9 of season 208, 'The Mayor of Loveland,' airs on February 2, 2022,

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