Downtown Loveland's oldest coffee shop is closed, for now. Coming very soon, something new. Like a new rendition of a favorite song, about coffee.

I can't tell you how many times I've been into The Coffee Tree over the years, especially now that I've been living in Downtown Loveland for about four or five years now. I have loved sitting at the window bar; a cup of coffee, a book, and looking out onto 4th Street.

June 1, 2021, marked 15 years that The Coffee Tree has been in operation. Or, rather, HAD been in operation. The place 'Where Good Things Grow' is growing, itself. Now with Colorado Coffee Company nearby in The Foundry, maybe they felt the time was right to stir the coffee up.

A NEW coffee shop will be opening in this location, with the 'same kind of vibe.'. FeelLove Coffee 'Magic in Every Cup.' It reminds me of Peace, Love & Litte Donuts.

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FeelLove also has a Latin motto: Nunc Videmus Lucem, which translates to 'Now we see the light.' I see.

FeelLove currently has three other locations, all in Utah. I wonder how they ended up making Loveland their first location in Colorado? It's a bit of a mystery, like a good novel while enjoying some... coffee.


Right off the bat, as a frequenter to The Coffee Tree, I see the first big 'change' with the new coffee shop is the 'branded' cups. The Coffee Tree always kept things 'low key,' they hadn't been big on stuff like this.

So, we have a new name, some new cups, but the same kind of 'laid back' vibe. FeelLove hopes to be open before the 4th of July, I hope I like it as much as The Coffee Tree.

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