Tears, tacos and turnaround. We let you know that Casa Real was being featured on the "Restaurant Impossible" Food Network show, and  it looks like you'd better have some tissues handy.

This is going to be tough, yet fun, episode to watch. Having grown up, and living in Loveland, to see one of our restaurants get berated then beautified by Chef Robert Irvine and his team is certainly "special."

I'm not here to put you down, I'm here to build you up.

Classic Robert Irvine, am I right?

I have seen more than a few episodes of "Restaurant Impossible;" it's an intriguing show.

How "Restaurant Impossible" goes:

  • Robert comes in and orders something, and is immediately put off by it.
  • Robert sits down with the owner, who usually ends up crying, because Robert is bringing them the "cold, hard, truth."
  • Robert and his team work for two days with $10,000 to makeover the restaurant.
  • Tada.
  • The restaurant owner cries, again.
  • Robert leaves to make other restaurant owners across America cry.

It definitely was exciting to have the TV crew in Loveland at Casa Real. Lots of bustling by the little restaurant. I never did see Chef Irvine, however.

By the looks of the "sneak peek" that Chef Irvine provided, there won't be too much out of the ordinary for the Casa Real episode, other than it being a local eatery.

Breaking down the Sneak Peek:

  • Casa Real hasn't been making any money for years.
  • Chef Irvine really does not care for the food.
  • The restaurant makeover ... makes the owner cry.

For the record, I did visit Casa Real a couple of days after Chef Irvine and his team left town, you can read my review HERE.

The episode aired January 20, 2022, at 6 p.m. MST on Food Network; we'll keep you posted on when it re-airs.

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