If voter-approved, the money would go towards eight community improvement projects across the city.

The City of Loveland recently mailed out information about a new program that's looking for the public's feedback on proposed community improvement projects.  They have a 39-member Citizen Task Force behind it. 39 is a lot, They mean business!

They are proposing a half-cent sales (and use) tax- which would come out to be $.05 on every $10 purchase. If voter-approved, the tax would be in place for 21 years. That's a generation!  That tax would generate $200M of the $237M needed for the projects slated.

Where would the money be going towards?

  • Building  a new community recreation center in Northwest Loveland
  • Expanding and renovating the Loveland Museum
  • A new full-service branch of the library in Northwest Loveland
  • Replacing Fire Station #3 (on South Wilson)
  • Renovating Fire Station #5 (Knobcone Drive)
  • Widening and improving Eisenhower Blvd/Highway 34
  • Completion of the Taft Avenue improvements
  • Underpasses along the Recreation Trail for pedestrians and bicycles.'

The 'Your City, Your Future: 2019 Community Improvement Programwill be holding community information meetings, doing a mail survey, and gathering input through other outreach efforts.

The public's input WILL play an important role in the whole process, so be looking for times/places you can make your voice heard on the sales tax and where it's going.

You can find out more on the tax and the projects from the City of Loveland HERE.

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