'The only thing constant is change' someone once said, and the change of going from Indians to Red Wolves has come to Loveland High.

As a graduate of Loveland High School I, of course, like to follow what's been happening there since I attended in the mid-80s. Back then, the mascot was Indians, now they are the Loveland Red Wolves.

Many mascots are changing to better reflect how society, as a whole, feels about how Native Americans are portrayed.

It was announced in August of 2020, that Loveland High School and Bill Reed Middle School would be changing their mascots, which came with many people being against the change. Two months later, in October of 2020, they announced that they'd chosen 'Red Wolves' to be the mascot for Loveland High.

The Reporter-Herald reports that on Wednesday, March 24, 2021. the school released the new logo, featuring a Red Wolf.

Loveland High Red Wolves
Loveland High School
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According to the Reporter-Herald, Loveland High's Assistant Principal helped in the design that was done by VIP Branding.

Longs Peak and Mount Meeker sit below the Red Wolf, and within the 'L' for Loveland. I think the L's also have the number 1 in them, maybe to connotate that Loveland is #1.

Get more on the logo change from the Reporter-Herald HERE.

The new logo was posted on the Facebook Group 'Remember in Loveland When...' here are a few of the many comments:

Can you imagine the thousands of LHS grads who were never offended by our mascot and logo???It is astounding!!We were proud as Indian Chiefs, Warriors, & we were all Brave


I will always be an LHS INDIAN!
A former "Indian", but I'm fine with making a change. Slightly odd that a wolf that is technically native to the southeastern U.S. was the choice, but I get that "Red" honors a historical team color. The red wolf is nominally recognized as an endangered species. Wolves are predators and supported by many as a reintroduction species in Colorado, so there is a connection to the wolf in Colorado. I can imagine this being a pride generating name for present and future students. I wasn't a Red Wolf, but that's okay. Go Red Wolves!
What the hell does it matter what mascot your high school was?
Is it of any consequence to your life today?
You can still keep your memories of high school, it doesn't need to involve cultural appropriation.

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