He's traded in one form of being a hero to another. He used to be a firefighter, now does consulting work while having a 'side-gig' as Wade Wilson's alter ego.

This guy is having a lot of fun, and Lovelanders are loving it.

The Reporter-Herald has the story on how Isiah Ortega can be seen tooling around town on his motorcycle (named Domino), dressed as the Marvel Comics superhero 'Deadpool.'

Ortega spent 12 years as a firefighter with a helicopter unit, but after him and his girlfriend saw how beautiful Colorado is, and all the outdoor adventures they could take on, they decided to move here in 2018.

His outfit is pretty 'dead-on:' Including the Deadpool costume, fake swords, and a Hello Kitty backpack. Very cool. He wears a Go-Pro camera on his outings, getting footage of folks loving the idea: Lots of cheers, 'heart with hands' gestures and fist-pumps.

He has a YouTube channel that features a video where he met a young Deadpool fan 'meeting the real Deadpool.'

I'll be looking for him along Eisenhower, Taft, Lincoln, Wilson...  Where might he show up? I want to give him a fist-pump; I think he's doing great work.

Get more on Isiah as Deadpool from The Reporter-Herald HERE.

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