You can get balls on stuff, you can get balls with stuff, and you can always get just a plain, old bucket of balls. They're definitely unique, and they'll be on Food Paradise.

It was in early October of 2021 that 'Restaurant Impossible' came to Loveland for a couple days to help out Casa Real. Now, 'Food Paradise,' which is also on the Cooking Channel, will be featuring another Loveland joint.

To be more specific, the restaurant in question is The Ball Joint in Downtown Loveland. 'Food Paradise' shows off restaurants that are unique, and The Ball Joint fits right into that. They bill themselves as 'an experience-based' eating concept where their main focus is... balls.

Founded on the love of a grandmother's delicious Italian meatballs, The Ball Joint has taken the idea of 'balls of meat' to the extreme. They have their signature meatball (beef/pork,) chicken balls, gyro balls and more:

You name it, we ball it.

Plus, they have a super selection of sauces for their balls. I like how the staff have t-shirts that read: 'Professional Ball Handler.'  

The restaurant been in Downtown Loveland for a few years now, just north of 4th Street on Garfield, in a house that's over 100 years old. It's a tough location, but they are making the best of it, and it looks like word has gotten out about The Joint.

'Food Paradise' was in Loveland in August of 2021 to film an episode about The Ball Joint. I wonder what menu items they ordered? Did they order a beer? Wine? Which one?

They've now announced the 'when' part of the equation.

When Will They Be on TV?

January 26, 2022.


Will There Be a watch party?

Yes. It will be at Sports Station in Downtown Loveland from  8 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. that night.

Good luck, gang!

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