A family outing in Northern Colorado came with an unexpected surprise when a 16-year-old Loveland High School Junior found out he was suspended from school pending an investigation.

Nathan Myers was excited to go shooting with his mom. So, like most people on social media, he posted a video representation of his excitement with the caption "Finna be lit." Urban Dictionary defines the phrase "Finna be lit" as "Going to be great, or Destined for Greatness.

However, one anonymous tip to “Safe-2-Tell” turned the students life upside-down. After the events at Columbine High School, Colorado implemented a program called "Safe-2-Tell."

On their website, they explain it like this:

To provide an anonymous venue for parents, students, teachers, school administrators, and law enforcement to share information.

Nathan lives full time with his father, and was visiting his mother and going shooting for the first time in a few weeks. Nathan's mother tells Complete Colorado that they had a great day.

On their way back from the mountains Nathan's mother listened to several voicemail messages from Nathan's father. He explained in the messages that police officers were at his home, questioning him about Nathan and his intentions.

When Nathan woke up the next day to get ready for school, he had voicemail from the Thompson Valley School District telling him to not come to school. They explained that Nathan should stay away from the school until they can conduct a full investigation.

Nathan said this this to Complete Colorado:

“I called to ask why I couldn’t go, and they said it was a safety concern because the student who reported it was scared I was going to shoot up the school.”


After a 10a.m. hearing on Thursday, Complete Colorado is reporting that the Loveland School District has cleared Nathan of any wrongdoing and he is now back in class.

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