Loveland is an old city, so it comes as no real surprise to hear that there are more than a few places around town that folks believe are haunted.

I think we all have a ghost story or two; whether it be as mild as a breeze inside a closed house, to seeing figures drifting through a tree; these are stories of haunted places in Loveland.

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Whether it be Halloween or just being curious about Loveland history, places that may be haunted is a fun investigation, especially when it comes to the town you grew up in. I did, and am a big fan of Loveland; it's history is important to me, and others. With the way the city is growing, these stories are important to hold onto.


I asked some of the folks of Loveland which places that they believe are 'haunted.' I received many replies, most notably about the older part of town, Downtown. Downtown is where it all began, St. Louis used to be Main Street, back in the day.

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It was fun to read the experiences that Lovelanders were sharing about the town. Bill Reed definitely got a lot of votes; it's that bomb shelter, right? Loveland's first high school was one of 13 places that folks brought up.

I think the one that gave me the most 'willies' was the one about Winona Bridge.

Winona Bridge/Rona Bridge
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Take a look at the places that Lovelanders believe are haunted.

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