A year-long project in Loveland has brought an end to a dead-end that's been around for decades. 37th Street east of Highway 287 now goes through.

Having grown up in Loveland, it's hard for even myself to tell you how long that 37th had come to a dead-end just past 287, by Walgreens. Heck, before Walgreens was there, it was a dead-end, I can tell you that much, and that Walgreens has been there 'forever.'

The City of Loveland recently opened up the final leg of a $3.6 million project that extends 37th Street from 287 to North Monroe (where there's now a roundabout.) The extension includes a bridge that goes over Dry Creek.

37th extension
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Dave Jensen, TSM
Dave Jensen, TSM

I drove the extension the other day and was pretty excited. This is really a big deal for Loveland, in my opinion.

With 37th now going through, folks can get to the east side of town without having to go to 29th Street or to 57th Street. I can immediately see it being a lot easier to get to Conrad Ball Middle School, as opposed to when I attended, back in the day, and lived on the west side of 287.

Way to go, Loveland.

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