An Uber driver from Lakewood, Colorado is feeling very lucky after a scratch-off lottery ticket given to him by a passenger ultimately led to winning more than $100K. 

James, the Uber driver, was given a $5 Super Special Ultimate Bingo Scratch ticket as a gift from a rider he said he had picked up multiple times. On that ticket, James won $30 and cashed it in for six more tickets of the same game. He kept winning smaller amounts each time he played, and would just roll them over into more and more tickets. James' lucky streak went on for about six weeks, with this past Wednesday taking the cake, as he got to cash in on his highest earnings yet – a whopping $140K! James collected his winnings alongside his parents at the Denver Claims Office, and hopes to use some of that money to help them out financially after all they have done for him over the years. He said he's also planning to put some of the cash towards fixing up his vehicle so that he can continue to drive for Uber and Lyft for many more years. He has yet to cross paths again with the rider who left the original Bingo ticket as a tip.

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