When a $50 scratcher could pay off in $3,000,000, it does seem worth it. Someone in Loveland didn't win the $3M, but $50K is nothing to sneeze at.

I know this liquor store; Mom used to stop through their drive-thru for her Schaefer beer when my brother and I were kids. I remember the driveway was sloped, Mom's little Pinto chugging up to the window.

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Back then, it was Pair O' Jacks. For a while in the 90's I remember it being Mike's. Nowadays it's Elevation Liquors, at Eisenhower and Van Buren, in west Loveland.

Elevation Liquor in Loveland
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The Colorado Lottery tweeted out the photo of the winning scratch ticket that was purchased at Elevation. A '3,000,000 Red Riches' $50 scratch ticket, which had an 'instant'-win' on it worth $50,000.

I love these stories because they highlight what's true: People really do win.

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