Less than a year after opening for business -- and just two months after a local paper deemed its barbecue the best on the Las Vegas strip -- Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ & Beer has filed for Chapter 11.

The band addressed its culinary namesake's bankruptcy in a press release, saying, "Although Lynyrd Skynyrd was not the proprietor of the restaurant, the band licensed their name and likeness for the ‘BBQ and Beer style’ concept. Unfortunately, the project was launched during a downturn in the economy." While pointing out that "the band was not involved in the day-to-day operations of the property," the statement added, "the band and management are very disappointed the venture did not have a positive result."

The restaurant's failure is somewhat puzzling, given the success enjoyed by other classic rockers' business ventures in the area, but the numbers don't lie -- according to the Wall Street Journal, Skynyrd's eatery had "fewer than $50,000 in assets" at the time of its filing.

Planned as a tribute to the 'Hell House' where Skynyrd wrote many of its early songs, Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ & Beer boasts "authentic century-old barnyard wood, and concrete floors and aged brick" in addition to walls painted with reproductions of classic album covers and assorted "southern relics such as classic license plates" meant to give the "look and feel of a place that has been open for decades." Sadly, it appears that the BBQ's actual age will never have a chance to catch up to its decor.

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