A man is in jail  after he was charged for lighting two cars on fire, one which was stolen.

According to the Greeley Tribune, a Weld County Sheriff responded to a report of a car fire between County roads 54 and 13. As firefighters put the fire out, they discovered that it was a 2011 Nissan Murano. The victim stated that someone broke into their garage, stole the gasoline and lit the car on fire.

Then the deputy responded to ANOTHER car fire pretty close to where the first one was and that vehicle was a Honda Civic that was reported stolen. Records indicate that vehicle was involved in a hit and run the night before.

Deputies then responded to a man who claimed he was kidnapped from a gas station near Greeley...he was NOT. This man was Jose Hugo Jimenez who was near the same area as the fires and yes...he was the culprit behind those fires.

Also, while being arrested, he dropped a glass pipe (drug paraphernalia) and was involved with two calls at the Greeley gas station in which he was accused of refusing to leave AND his truck that was found in the gas station parking lot...that was reported stolen in Thornton.

Now THAT is one busy night. Glad we have one less "piece of work" on the streets.

Thank you officers!

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