A pre-wedding trip against the wintery backdrop of Breckenridge sounds like every engaged couple's dream. Unfortunately, for one soon-to-be newlywed couple, this plan went awry.

According to CBS4, fiances Paulina Morales and Deven Maraj were recently exploring in the mountains when Maraj playfully tossed Morales into a drift of snow — a move that sadly resulted in the loss of Morales' engagement ring.

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The station reports that the couple searched for the ring, designed by Maraj's father, for days. However, even with the help of a metal detector, Morales and Maraj could not find the treasure before they had to return home.

Spencer Wilson, CBS4's Mountain Newsroom Reporter, took a propane tank and a blowtorch to the area in the hopes of helping the couple — alas, his efforts were also unsuccessful.

In the hopes of finding the ring, Morales and Maraj called on Coloradans to aid in their search, offering a $500 reward for the ring's safe return. Thankfully, Colorado residents heard their plea.

In a comment on the CBS Denver YouTube page, Morales revealed that a man had found the treasured item — and that he decided to forgo the reward money.

"Thank God, I got the news it was found today," said Morales. "The man who found it will not take the reward for himself. It will be donated to [the] Lost and Found Recovery Team of Breckenridge. True kindness lies in the act of giving without expecting anything in return."

Morales said CBS4 will release a full report on the recovery on Thursday (Feb. 17).

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