It always sucks when a plan doesn't come together as you hoped, but in this case, I'd say it was probably for the better - for all except one person.

On Thursday (Nov. 4), the Loveland Police Department shared the above image via their official Facebook page, seeking the public's help in an effort to find a car thief who would've gotten away with the vehicle he attempted to steal - except he didn't know how to drive it.

"This car thief (pictured above) almost got away with a vehicle left running outside his victim’s home early Thursday. Trouble is, it had a stick shift and the suspect did not know how to drive it.", Loveland PD stated via their Nov. 4 post.

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According to officials with the Loveland Police Department, an accomplice quickly arrived on the scene and picked the suspect, an unidentified male, up; the victim in this incident was, fortunately, able to capture the above photo of the getaway car, a silver Mazda 3 with a large dent in the rear hatch.

The kicker? Loveland Police concluded during their investigation that the Mazda had been stolen, as well.

As of Friday (Nov. 5), officials did not exactly confirm where or when this incident took place. No further information regarding the incident has been made available at this time.

Should you have any information regarding either of the two individuals involved in this incident, you are asked to contact the Loveland Police Department at 970-667-2151, or visit www.lovgov/police.

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