It comes as no surprise that the last 11 months, almost a full year has been very difficult for people due to the coronavirus pandemic. There have been so many people that have lost wages or lost their job completely due to things that were out of their control. When this happens, families are forced to make some very tough decisions like which bills will be paid and which ones can wait. For many, including here in Colorado a storage unit payment can be postponed but lots of those same people are now finding out that due to lack of payment the items they were storing have been auctioned off.

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It really is a sad reality and according to The Denver Channel, some cities have banned storage auctions and late fees during this difficult time. But there are still tons of auctions taking place across our state with a majority of these being online.

You hear sad stories about people that are attempting to pay even partial payments to keep their items stored until they can get back on their feet, but the owners and managers of these facilities have to pay bills too. It's heartbreaking to hear about personal and family items that have been passed down from generation to generation that are sold for a couple of hundred bucks.

While I don't personally have any storage units, my grandfather and father both had them when I was growing up. And at times they fell behind on payments, the one bit of suggestion I would pass along to anyone in a tough situation like this is to communicate with the storage facility management or owners. The less you communicate the easier it will be for them to decide to sell your stuff.

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