The first of five winners of $1 million from a pool of vaccinated Coloradans was drawn on June 4, 2021, and the winner is a woman from Mead.

Mead is a small town in the Northern Colorado area but has a big winner thanks to getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

Congratulations to Sally Sliger, who appeared with her husband, Chris, alongside Governor Polis as he made the announcement on Friday afternoon that Sally was the first winner in the new sweepstakes.

Sally had gotten a text while in a meeting on Wednesday morning (June 2, 2021) from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Safety urging her to call them; and then.. she had $1 million.

It has to be very surreal, indeed.

Sally spoke for a bit about how though Mead is small, it has seen its share of sorrow due to the pandemic. She spoke on how they'll be putting the money toward her and her husband's retirement while also helping out their sons as they begin adulthood.

I saw a few comments about the win; one said that they should spread the money out, by doing 50 drawings of $100,000 so that more people can win.

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It all reminds me of the true story of when DuPont was facing charges of poisoning people in West Virginia with the production of Teflon. The defense had to gather up a lot of data on the citizens of the area, and they did so by incentivizing the public to have their blood drawn in exchange for $400 per person. They ended up with nearly 70,000 people doing so, which help to make the case against DuPont.

By having a very large sum amount that can be won, many more people are likely to see that as an incentive and will get vaccinated. Who knows- You could be the next winner.

Congratulations to Sally and her family.

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