If you haven't seen "Holey Moley" on ABC yet, what a great and fun opportunity to do so. You can even catch the watch party that's happening in Downtown Loveland.

The game show, "Holey Moley," is into its fourth season on ABC, this season featuring The Muppets. They are a great addition to the zany-ness of the show. It's a giant, obstacle-filled mini golf course, where contestants go head-to-head.

This is the kind of game show I would love to be on, myself. I'm not cut out to be a ninja, my chef skills are very lacking, and getting knocked into the water by a huge swinging boom just doesn't seem fun. Miniature golf, however, would be a blast.

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Nathan Kennelly, who lives in Loveland, competed on the show recently. It must have been a blast flying out to California, meeting the hosts (Rob Riggle is the best) and then going after the "Plaid Jacket." Nathan's episode, "You're Going to Need a Lawyer" is the second one of this fourth season.

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Nathan was on Denver 7 talking about being on the show, where he discussed his background in golf (he was a pro golfer for 10 years) and how he's always wanted to be on a game show, so this was a perfect 'score.'

Nathan has arranged a watch party for the episode and Downtown's new 120 Bar & Grill. "The 120' has a great following; this is going to be fun little (miniature) party. The episode airs at 7 p.m. MST on Tuesday, May 10, 2022.

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