A home for sale in Monte Vista, Colorado is quite possibly one of the most unique homes on the market in Colorado right now. Keep scrolling to learn all about it and take a virtual tour of this unique, dome-shaped home in the middle of nowhere, Colorado.

Location of Monte Vista Home for Sale

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The home is technically located at 3123 E County Road 8 S, Monte Vista, CO 81144, but is far from being actually in any town. In fact, the home is pretty much located right between the towns of Monte Vista and Alamosa in southern Colorado:

Google Maps
Google Maps

Interestingly, the home is also seemingly located right in the middle of numerous farms, as well as just outside of the Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge:

Google Maps
Google Maps

Now that you know where the home is located, let's get to the details about the home itself.

Info About Monte Vista Dome Home For Sale

More than likely, the first thing you'll notice about the home is its unique dome-like shape which is not just evident on the exterior, but all over the interior of the home as well.

The home has a total of three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a long, two-car garage, and is 2,830 square feet in area.

If you're looking for peace and quiet, this home definitely has that as not only is it located in the middle of nowhere, but it also sits on a 5.08-acre lot.

Originally built in 1981, the home also has an interesting cross decoration built into the outside of the chimney and is currently listed for $329,000.

Take a virtual tour of an incredibly unique home for sale in Monte Vista, Colorado:

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