We're ALL looking to cool off from this heat...even the moose. Whether it's taking a swim, running through sprinklers or going on a paddle board, there are many options for us to cool off.

Recently, this paddleboarder decided to make good use of one of Colorado's spectacular lakes and hit the water...but little did this guy know that he was going to have a partner in the water with him in the form of a bull moose.

According to KDVR, some friends were hanging out on their paddleboards out in Summit County when one of them looked over and noticed there was a moose swimming next to them...SURPR-IIIIIIISE!

He did what most of us would have done (OK, I probably would've fallen in the water but whatever): he started snapping pics and recording.

Not only was the moose a VERY good swimmer, but the moose was also very polite as it swam across the lake and escorted Jonathan for a decent distance to make sure a boat didn't hit him.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, moose are excellent swimmers and very much at home in the water, which can be a good place to view them.


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