Dating apps are so fun (I would know). There's the unavoidable awkwardness of meeting a stranger, the constant fear of rejection/murder and, most of all, those great convos with your doctor about getting tested. 

There's also the ever-fun 'Hey we should us a condom' talk, too... and apparently,  most people here are skipping over that.

'The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows sexually transmitted diseases have once again reached an all-time high across the country,' CBS4 reports. 'That includes the Denver metro area.'

While the most common STD in the Denver area is Chlamydia, the CDC says that the big concern for Colorado is Syphilis, and it's chalked up to the use of hookup apps like Tinder and Grindr, reportedly.

So, remember to 'super like' safe sex and getting tested, and swipe left on STDs. Yes, some of them are more serious than others, but if you do get matched with one, don't worry, the most common STDs are curable. I know this because I watched this SNL Weekend Update with Pete Davidson*, and you should, too.

*OK, maybe do not take medical advice from a comedian... but still funny.

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