Some days call for indulging in a guilty pleasure. For many, that means grabbing a glass of wine and binging a not-so-great TV show.

According to new research from DIRECTTV, Colorado residents like to watch one show in particular on those guilty-pleasure days.

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The company recently surveyed "TV connoisseurs" to find out each state's favorite guilty binge-watch — and the Centennial State's pick is...interesting.

But what exactly makes a show a guilty pleasure? DIRECTTV says it comes down to three categories: shows others dislike, shows people don't want to be associated with, and shows that are low-quality.

So, just because Colorado residents are guilt-watching a show doesn't mean they like it (other research thinks locals' actual favorite show is much different).

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With that in mind, DIRECTTV found that Colorado's favorite guilty-pleasure TV show is...wait for it...The Real Housewives. 

The company didn't specify which Housewives Colorado prefers, but the Centennial State isn't alone in its preference for reality TV. Alabama enjoys watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, while New Mexico can't get enough of 90 Day Fiancé.

Other states have more "sophisticated" picks like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, but Colorado shouldn't feel too guilty about its choice — DIRECTV discovered that most people watch to laugh and relieve stress.

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Check out the TV shows that could be your next guilty pleasure in the gallery below.

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