In 2004, a man who, by all accounts was a genuinely nice guy, got crazed when a property dispute didn't go his way. He took revenge on the whole town.

If you lived in Colorado in 2004, you remember this story.

A man in Granby (about 150 miles outside of Fort Collins) turned his 60-ton bulldozer into a tank, got in the tank (with a rifle) and started smashing into buildings throughout the small town.

The man, Marvin Heemeyer, was upset (obviously VERY upset) that a property dispute with his neighbors didn't go his way with them, nor with the town, and set out to 'settle the score.'

Heemeyer and his tank damaged or destroyed most of the small town. Eventually, the tank got stuck, and Heemeyer took his own life.

There is now a documentary about the incident and it will be playing at The Lyric in Fort Collins on February 21, 2020.

Get more on the 2004 incident, and the new documentary from Denver 7 HERE.

Denver 7 doesn't mention this, but I remember immediately flashing back to the 1984 movie starring James Garner. 'Tank.' I'm sure a lot of folks did.

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