Although it's been a little over four years since the Aurora theater shooting happened, the tragic incident that left 12 people dead and 70 more injured still feels very fresh for many Coloradans. 

Now, a movie titled 'Dark Night' is stirring up even more emotions, especially for families and friends of the Aurora shooting victims', because of the film's plot, which is loosely based on the 2012 massacre. 'Dark Night' is a fictional film aimed to highlight the problems with gun violence in America, while also serving as a living documentary of our times. Even though the director artistically created the movie as a means to spark important conversations about gun violence, a lot of Coloradans, as well as many others, are offended and feel that the timing is just way too soon. While some have called the new movie "senseless" and "haunting," others are hoping that it will help to bring the focus of gun violence to the forefront and show people that these are discussions that really need to be had – especially because as a country, we continue to see the same types of tragedies taking place. A father of one of the Aurora victims, and a supporter of 'Dark Night,' explained that everyone has different ways of coping, whether that be blocking it out of their minds and choosing not to talk/think about it, or the opposite – bringing these issues to life and attempting to make a change.

'Dark Night' premiered at last year's Sundance Film Festival and will be released in New York on February 3, Los Angeles on February 9, and will then expand to New Orleans, Milwaukee and Philadelphia the following week. No word yet on whether it will eventually make it's way to other theaters around the country, including here in Colorado. Check out the trailer below and take the poll to give your thoughts on the controversial film.

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