Congratulations to our very first winner of Townsquare Media's My Dog Rox: Buddy, a four-year-old Jack Russell Terrier-Chihuahua-Yorkshire Terrier from Longmont. 

Originally, we had over 400 photo submissions of NoCo's cutest pooches, but only one would be crowned* winner (check out the top 10 here). Ultimately, we left it up to you all who would get the free doggy spa day and one month of free dog food.

You rallied and you voted, and Faith and Chad's dog, Buddy, takes the cake (er, whatever kind of food he eats).


*OK, we tried to crown him... but it was a little too big.

He also gets some mad bragging rights around the dog park, because he's officially the cutest dog in NoCo.

Download the station app so you can enter your dog's photo into the My Dog Rox best dog Halloween costume contest next month.

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