‘Moving Pictures Since 2007’ is the motto of Lyric Cinema Café. ‘Moving’ is the appropriate word, as the Lyric is moving to north College Avenue this fall. While we wait for the ‘new’ Lyric to open, I wanted to take a look back at some of my favorite times at the ‘Old’ Lyric.

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If you’re a big fan of films and movies, like myself, you have been a HUGE fan of Lyric Cinema Café in Downtown Fort Collins. Maybe you’ve loved that you can get a local craft beer to take into the theaters. Maybe it's ‘Bad Movie Night’ and the free cartoons on the weekends that you’ve enjoyed. Or, the fact that it IS an ‘Art-House’ movie theater; where a lot of independent films are shown.

Whichever part of if is your favorite, if you ARE like me, and have loved The Lyric, I’m betting you were a little beat-up about the Mountain Avenue location shuttering on February 28.  They will be showing movies at the Mason Temple on Oak, starting March 17; but it's just not the same. To ease my pain, I thought I’d recollect on a few of the GREAT times I had the ‘Old’ Lyric.

'The Invisible String'

I love movies, and I love disc golf. So, when I heard that Lyric Cinema Café was showing a movie ABOUT Frisbees and disc golf, it was like Christmas had come early! The whole night was awkward-geek fun. At the time, the Lyric was transferring over from reel film to digital. I remember that they played the movie off DVD and they had a heck of a time trying to get the thing to load and begin. Finally, after about 45 minutes, it did, and the crowd of about 25 people cheered. The movie as a ton of fun and featured Fort Collins’ own Bill Wright from The Wright Life!


This one falls under ‘weird, but terrific.’ I had heard about this documentary about underground ‘competitive endurance tickling.’  ‘What the what?’ I got my brother and we checked it out. The movie is great. The subject is indeed about endurance tickling. It’s twisted. It turns into a movie about where the money is coming from to fund this weirdness. Then, it gets even MORE twisted! Rotten Tomatoes gives it 94%, my brother and I are in total agreement with them.

'Die Hard'

This one stands out big time. It was the last thing I ever saw at the ‘Old’ Lyric. It was around Christmas of 2016, and Die Hard was in a re-release for its 30th anniversary. Lyric Cinema was showing it on a Monday night, which I had dubbed ‘John McClane Monday.’ A friend and I met down at Coopersmith’s to get some pizza first and then hit the show. It wasn’t packed, but it was full. I remember a bunch of guys a few rows ahead of us, who had pitchers of beer. They were having a great time; me as well. All those great lines that I was shouting along with: ‘Shoot, the glass!’, ‘Welcome to the party, Pal!’, ‘Yippee Ki Yay..’.  30 years later, and that movie still holds up. Why, because John McClane is the man, THAT’s why!  If there had to be one last movie at the 'Old' Lyric, I'm glad I picked this one!

There's no doubt the'New' Lyric Cinema Cafe is going to be awesome! But, just like when they closed down the old Pines Drive-In in Loveland, some things just aren't going to be the same!

Have you ever seen 'The Projectionist'? It's ABOUT Ben and The Lyric Cinema Cafe!

What were YOUR favorite moments at the 'Old' Lyric?

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