A restaurant & bar that is located in either Fort Collins or Loveland has been put up for sale, however one question remains. Who exactly is it?

If you've ever checked out the website BizBuySell, there are some great businesses listed for sale if you want to get your start in being your own boss.

Every once in a while, these businesses listed remain "nameless" and you won't get any info on who it actually is until you reach out to them for some serious talks. But that doesn't mean we can't sit here and speculate, correct?

The latest business to do this has the headline, "Beautiful Fort Collins - Loveland Restaurant & Bar". While I know this may narrow it down to about 200 restaurants throughout the two cities, there may be some other clues to assist you in your fact-finding. Here are some of them...

  • This space has 10 televisions, large dining room, a full bar, sunroom, and a seating capacity that can host 198 people.
  • It has one of the cities largest outdoor patios, that can also hold close to 40 people.
  • The bar comes with 10 beer taps with a designated walk-in beer cooler

Here's one part of the listing, courtesy of BizBuySell, that definitely stands out to me and maybe it could narrow it down for you. The listing states, "have a niche with our menu that no one has in the area and is a well known item everywhere.".

Hmmm...this definitely makes you think doesn't it?

The article states that the reason the owner needs to get out of the business is because of family issues. They've only priced the business to sell at $165,000, and the reasoning of the low price in the listing is they just want to cover the costs of a remodel that was done to the business (which is another HINT).

So by taking all the clues above into consideration, who do you think has this popular business up for sale? Who knows, you may be right and it could your foray into owning a food establishment here in Northern Colorado!

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