Not the greatest of ways to get into a fall weekend, for sure, as one person was transported to the hospital on the morning of September 23, 2022.

It had to be pretty scary for the driver, and for the staff which has just gotten the workday started at 9 a.m. that morning. it's not often that you see an entire car inside a place of business.

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Venus Nails has been located near the northeast corner of the Park Central shopping center at Lemay and Prospect for many years. They like to say, "A woman only needs to things sharp: High heels, and nails!"

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It's not clear as to what exact kind of car this is, but it does look like a late model. Perhaps the driver just became confused with the newer equipment cars have these days. Poudre Fire stated that Fort Collins Police Services was investigating the crash, while also, the Building Department was assessing the damage.

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It was just a few weeks prior to this accident that a person accidentally crashed into a doughnut shop on Colfax in Denver. It's rough in many ways when and accident like this occurs, as the driver, and possibly others are injured (at the very least embarrassed) and the store has to go through the chore/cost of repairing the damages.


Here's to hoping that everyone turns out to be in good condition, and that the rest of 2022 goes without further chaos, for all involved.

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