Everybody loves a baby, even when they weigh around 100 pounds like a baby hippo does. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's 'reverse' video divulged the calf's name.

How many of those 'gender reveal' videos have you seen over the last few years? Well, forget those, this is a great video that reveals the new baby hippo's name. The name comes from a river in Africa, as does the new calf's mother's name, Zambezi.

The little hippo was born about eight weeks ago and is growing quickly, finding adventures in the Africa exhibit, and taking the occasional mud nap. Sounds like a great life for any hippo; it just needed a name.

After the votes were tallied, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo staff decided that they needed a special video to reveal the chosen name, and they came up with one. A video that plays in reverse, after Zambezi eats the name written out in food.

The staff arranged carrots, hay, and oranges and then had Zembezi come out and have a snack. After a few minutes, they had their initial video, they just had to 'reverse' it.

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The funny thing is, just as long a Zembezi didn't start eating the one letter in the middle, they'd be in great shape, because the name is the same forward as it is backward.


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