NO!!! Say it isn't so New Belgium! I found out today that one of my top seasonal beers is no longer going to be brewed by Fort Collins brewery, New Belgium.

Townsquare Media, Alana Lynn

Normally, I am a stout guy and those stouts that are aged in barrels are my weakness. When summer rolls around, they are simply too heavy to drink. Almost as if I am drinking milk on a hot summer's day. Can't do it. My main go to this past summer has been New Belgium's Heavy Melon. I love the stuff and drank it all summer long. Finished mowing the lawn? crack open a Heavy Melon. Hanging in the garage with the doors open at 9 p.m.? Heavy Melon time.

However, I found out today that New Belgium has ended their production of their seasonal lime ale brewed with watermelon. But... Then I saw that there is a new beer taking its place.

Credit: New Belgium

Whew! That scared me for a second... Not going to lie. There is something about the watermelon beers that hit the spot when it comes to summer. Thankfully their new beer, Juicy Watermelon, will have both the watermelon and lime brewed in the beer! Even though Heavy Melon is gone, I am excited to take this one for a test drink when it comes out!


Source: New Belgium