The old Suh Sushi at 200 W. Prospect Road has become a new restaurant, but IS serving a similar menu.

Mi Sushi recently opened top the public with plenty of sushi rolls on its menu. The restaurant also serves Japanese, Korean and Asian fusion foods.

Suh Sushi recently moved all of its operations to its Korean BBQ restaurant location at 165 E. Boardwalk Drive.

A personal favorite that you MUST try at if you love spicy foods at the new Mi Sushi is Budae jjigae. It's a post Korean war soup made with ham, hot dogs, Spam, baked beans, kimchi, gochujang and is absolutely delicious leaving you teary-eyed from the heat.

Their website describes the restaurant as a restaurant that "has high-end sushi made by our best sushi chef and Korean fusion cuisine made by Korean chef used to own Funny Plus, and we are serving the best food and service".

Mi Sushi is located at 200 W. Prospect Rd, Fort Collins. You can also find them on Facebook.

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