I was lucky enough to step into Smokin Fins last week to check out some of the new fall items that are on the menu starting this week. Back in the kitchen I got to experience the new fall favorites first hand.

Now ask yourself.. Is there a better way to warm up during the fall than with an amazing cut of beef topped off with a 3 peppercorn cognac sauce that is lit on fire as the meat sizzles atop a hot 500 degree rock? I can't think of anything better! Check out the new Hot Rock Filet in action:

That is just one of a half a dozen new items added to the menu.
Others include:

  • Braised & Smoked Lamb Shank
  • Northwest Swordfish
  • Seafood Risotto
  • A new sushi roll called the "Vegas" roll
  • Northwest Mussels & Clams

The chef was also trying out a new brunch sushi roll which I took photos of and you can see in this slideshow: