Since the departure of Sports Authority from the Front Range Village in Fort Collins, a big space has remained vacant at the popular shopping destination. But that hasn't stopped them from constructing a whole new store this month.

At the beginning of March, I had just finished my shopping at Sprouts and noticed that they had etched out a new storefront at this space that I always thought was either part of Sprouts or World Market.

However, was I surprised when I was able to see into the windows and see that it was actually it's own space. And a rather large one at that!

So who is moving into the new location? Your guess is as good as mine, as there is no indication anywhere around the space giving any suggestions.

There is also no mention on the Front Range Village website concerning future store openings, and an email to the property manager has gone unanswered as of the writing of this story.

But let's let our imagination wonder and place your thoughts on what you think (or hope) is going into this mysterious space! We've thrown some options out there (with no rhyme or reason behind them) below, or you can place your own option as well! We'll take all the guesses and give the top five by this Friday.

And if we find out what it is before then, we'll let you know!

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