You certainly can't say that there are 'too many sub shops' in Downtown Loveland, that's why this new place may have cornered the market at their corner.

Technically, they're just east of their corner at the bottom of Desk Chair workspace. Sandos has taken over the space vacated by Five Tables, which closed its doors to the public to focus on catering.

This is the kind of eatery Downtown could use: Quick and easy. A place to pop into to grab a great bite. There's not a Subway around for miles, competition for a sub shop is definitely at a minimum.

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Thinking about a picnic at Fairgrounds Park? 'We can stop by Sandos for some sandwiches!'

I see this a great way for a quick, to-go meal, without having to deal with a big restaurant staff, pointing at the single guy getting 'dinner for one to go. Plus, with them being on 4th Street, it adds to the choices outside of The Foundry, which has Vatos Tacos (not subs) and Betta Gumbo (also, not subs.)

The building that they, and Desk Chair, are in used to be the First National Bank building for decades. Beneath the building is a sealed-up tunnel that leads to the train depot that was used to protect money from being stolen while being delivered via the train.

Here's to Sandos taking lots of money to the bank.


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