You’ve probably experienced this: Every time that there’s a damn meeting in the damn conference room, the damn chairs are left in utter disarray. The last person out of the room, coming from the further end of the conference table, has to push and shove their way to the door because the damn chairs are in the way!

Nissan has a way to help, but they REFUSE to share the technology!

Dave in Conference Room
Todd Hotra, TSM

We have a lot of meetings at 600 Main Street in Windsor. Way downstairs in ‘The Conference Room.’ It’s also ‘The Fridge and Microwave Room’, as well as ‘The Old Copier Room.’   Maybe your office/workplace is similar. You don’t use the ‘conference’ part of the conference room a lot, but when you do, once that meeting is over, you have to fight the chairs.  You get up and start to go your merry way, only to be hassled by a chair that the guy to your left failed to holster. They spin around, they knock your arm, spilling your coffee…  Those damn chairs!

Get this!  Nissan has come up some futuristic meeting technology.  They’ve created chairs that will automatically go back to their designated position at the conference table. ‘Intelligent Parking Chairs.’ I have seen advancements at the office over the years, but this could be the biggest thing since email. Yes, email- when I first started here at 600 Main Street in Windsor, we didn’t even have email! Can you imagine??

Anyway – Now that Nissan’s offices are super neat and tidy, they’ve decided to let the rest of us suffer. They say that the ‘conference room chairs’ are just a ‘fun way to show some of the features available in their cars’, and won’t be selling them.

Come on, really?  We have ‘Damn’ chairs!  We need ‘Damn Cool’ chairs!

Damn!  This is worth starting a damn campaign.  If we get enough people to sign it, maybe they’ll start selling them, and we can stop fighting the damn chairs!

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