If you've never tried nitro beer, this festival is the place to do it.

Left Hand Brewing, founded in Longmont, is known for its Nitro series, featuring beers carbonated with nitrogen instead of CO2. This means⁠— according to a press release from Left Hand⁠— "a lightly carbonated beer with a creamy texture for a very smooth, velvety experience". Yum. 

Nitro Fest is an event that celebrates Left Hand Brewing's claim to fame, and features nitrol beers from all around the world. The event this year takes place on November 9th from 4-10 p.m., and according to the press release, will be a "heavily themed and costumed affair".

The theme is 'cosmic formal masquerade' so break out the silver ball gown and get to sippin'. You can grab tickets right here.

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