Traveling on I-70 you'll see tons of beautiful and fascinating things, and chances are you may have even come across a strange place called No Name Colorado.

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I typically take I-70 to travel to the front range every weekend and I always pass exit 119 which reads "No Name." I've always wondered what is up with that and finally decided to find out.

Where is No Name, Colorado?

No Name is located in Garfield County and is located east of Glenwood Springs. In order to reach No Name, you simply have to travel interstate 70 and take exit 119 in Glenwood Canyon.

What is the Population of No Name, Colorado?

According to the most recent data from the United States Census Bureau, No Name has a population of 29 people.

Talk about living in a small town right?

What is the Elevation of No Name, Colorado?

No Name, Colorado has an elevation of 5,869 feet.

Why is No Name Colorado Called No Name?

There are varying stories as to the history of how No Name got its famous moniker, but according to it's neighbor Glenwood Springs, No Name received its name thanks to the answers received from a questionnaire that the state sent to the town's residents.

Apparently, in the box that asked for the name of the town, residents responded with "No Name."

Yet another legend claims that the Colorado Department of Transportation is responsible for the name, or lack thereof.

When looking to improve road signage, a CDOT worker is said to have noticed the exit was nameless and wrote: "No Name" for the 119 exit.

There have been efforts to rename the town, but residents argued against the change.

There's More to No Name Then Its Name

If you ever visit No Name, you'll find multiple places to really enjoy nature. There are amazing hiking trails and places for rock climbing adventures.

Glenwood Canyon Resort is also located in No Name and at the resort, you can enjoy rafting, ziplining, camping, and more.

So as it turns out, there really is more to a place than just the name.

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