Honestly, my first question was, "What exactly is a kolache?" Well, after doing some extensive and exhaustive research - I just googled it - I come to find that, while it has Czech roots, this super doughy pastry that is filled with various kinds of fruit along with some other savory combos, is pretty huge in Texas.

This is weird to me because I lived there for eight years and still didn't realize what they were.

But my goodness...

The Colorado Kolache Company, which is going to be where the old "Totally 80's Pizza" used to be, will be the first-ever brick and mortar kolache bakery which is set to open up in Midtown Fort Collins at 1717 South College Avenue later this month with over 70 different kolache flavors.

Sure, while kolaches have been in NoCo for a while with spots all around Old Town and Fort Collins, this bakery will be the first-ever place solely dedicated to kolaches. That's pretty exciting news because man, these things look incredibly delicious.

Or how about these?

The Colorado Kolache Company will be owned by Nancy Agnew, who founded the bakery with her husband, daughter, and two teenage grandchildren.

As much as they're going to be focusing on fresh, made from scratch kolaches, the bakery will also serve cookies, cinnamon rolls, and various coffee drinks.

They will be open daily from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., and while there will be seating, it won't be nearly as much as they had at the old Totally 80's Pizza. There will be some but it will be more focused on the "grab and go" model type of place.

Another thing that is going to be pretty cool about these Kolaches, they won't break the bank. They will likely range from $2 to $3.79, according to Agnew.

I love it when new food places open up in NoCo because not only do I love to eat, food brings people together and we need more of that these days.

The Colorado Kolache Company is set to open later this month...get ready NoCo!

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