Food challenges are a lot of fun. Fun to attempt, almost more fun to watch. Tom + Chee's challenge will have you plenty full and nobody's won it in Colorado, yet.

I have yet to stop into the Tom + Chee that's not far from where I live in Loveland. I gotta put it on my to-do list. Will I put their food challenge on my list? Maybe.

It's the Baker's Dozen Challenge:

10 minutes to consume 12 of their original grilled cheese donuts along with a Baker's Choice donut. 13 total,  with one drink. No bathroom breaks.

Hmmm... Seems doable. But at last report, no one in Colorado has beat it.

It could be, that not many have tried- it does cost $50 to give it a go.

The prize: A dozen donuts (win!), your name on the wall, and a t-shirt.

Who's in?

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