It's an iconic scene from an iconic horror film, loosely based on a stay at The Stanley Hotel. Watch as these two Northern Colorado girls give you the chills.

'Come and play with us, Danny. Forever.'


What a great movie. The film features Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, and Danny Lloyd (as Danny) along with those two girls, Louise and Lisa Burns, as the Grady daughters.

The daughters meet Danny as he's tooling around the hotel. He takes it pretty well. They freaked out a lot folks in the movie theaters, though. It's a great scene. So, why not recreate it AT the Stanley?

That's what happened on October 12, 2019, with the gang from Northern Colorado's Get Geekish, who celebrate everything from gadgets to movies. This time around, they were celebrating that iconic scene, with one of the Get Geekish guys' daughter and a friend of hers.

They got the girls (who have NOT seen 'The Shining') dressed up and hit the 4th floor of the Stanley for the shoot.

Take a look:

The only thing missing was a little boy on his trike. EEEEK!

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