A few months ago, I decided to take characters from my favorite show, The Office, and sort them into Northern Colorado cities.

After looking at the qualities of the series' characters and our local towns, I determined that Michael Scott is Greeley, Jim Halpert is Fort Collins, and Dwight Schrute is Ault (don't worry, I did a full character breakdown).

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It was fun, so I've decided to try this exercise again with one of my other favorite shows: Parks and Recreation.

Aside from my love of the series — and the fact that the show takes place in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana — I think Parks and Recreation really is a perfect fit for the Front Range.

The town of Lamar, Colorado, stars as the Eagleton correctional facility in Season 2, and Chris Pratt, who played fan-favorite Andy Dwyer, used to live in the Centennial State.

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With all of these Colorado connections, it seems fitting to add our own. Which Front Range towns best embody the series' most treasured characters?

Let's find out (and please don't take offense — I write this with love!). From Boulder to Greeley to Fort Collins, here are 11 Northern Colorado cities as characters from Parks and Recreation:

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We've done character comparisons for more than just The Office and Parks and Recreation. Check out six Fort Collins-area cities as characters from the original Top Gun in the gallery below.

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