A member of a local dance team needed a routine and video so she could audition for a national team. After a usual class with her teammates, they came up with one. They rehearsed it for less than half an hour, and now that video has gotten over 3 million views!

The premise was 'move to sounds you make on your own.' They sure did, and it kicks butt!

Earlier this month (January 2018) a friend of mine's daughter was part of a routine that was taped as part of an audition. My friend shared the Instagram post on Facebook, and I thought our listeners would get a kick out of how the video has gone viral!

My friend, Cindy; her daughter Jessica is part of the Starbound dance competition team from Dance Dimensions in Longmont. Cindy told me that Jessica has been attending Dance DImensions for nine years- she's now a part of their 'Encore' dance team.

One member of the team, Mia, needed a video so that she could submit it as part of an audition for a national dance team - The Hollywood Vibe Dance Team- they go across the country putting on dance competitions and conventions. The video had to incorporate dancing to sound/music that you made yourself.  They came up with the routine, practiced it for 20 minutes and shot it! She won the Denver area competition!



*Mia is the dancer in the center, and Cindy's daughter Jessica is second from the right!

They are now looking at how to get the team onto Ellen!

Way to go, Starbound!

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