Updated at 10 PM, February 2, 2022

The snow has stopped falling, but mostly due to very, very cold morning temperatures, there are several Delayed Starts and a Closure for Northern Colorado schools for Thursday, February 3rd.

The forecast is calling for below zero temps overnight and in the early morning hours, with roads obviously still slick from the snowfall the last couple of days. If/when you do send kids to their bus stop, make sure they're dressed for very cold conditions, with hats, gloves, etc. to avoid frostbite conditions.

For delayed starts, follow usual delay procedures and/or reach out directly to your district for further information and instructions.

Delays and Closures for Thursday, February 3, 2022

Poudre School District - Fort Collins - 2 hour delayed start
Thompson R2J - Loveland - 2 hour delayed start
Weld RE1 - Gilcrest/Lasalle - 2 hour delayed start
Weld RE3J - Hudson/Keenesburg - 2 hour delayed start
Weld RE4 - Windsor/Severance - NORMAL SCHEDULE (confirmed as of 10p 2/2)
Weld RE5J - Johnstown and Milliken - CLOSED
Weld RE6 - Greeley/Evans - 2 hour delayed start
Weld RE8 - Fort Lupton - 2 hour delayed start
Colorado State University - Open/Regular Schedule
Foothills Gateway Ft Collins - 2 hour delayed start
Front Range Comm College - Open/Regular Schedule

We will update this list as able if there are any changes.

Please send any additional Northern Colorado snow closure and delay information to nocotips@townsquaremedia.com.

5 Things You Should Do If You Hate Driving In The Snow

There are many reasons to hate driving in the snow.

Snow creates a high potential for dangerous road conditions, produces less-than-decent drivers (who probably aren't decent drivers, to begin with - but that's a conversation for another time), often adds travel time to your trip - the list goes on.

Maybe you don't mind driving in the snow, maybe it doesn't even phase you when it snows (can't relate) - BUT if you need to be out and about on a snow day and you hate driving in the snow, here are five things you could try - or should try - do to, essentially cope with the fact that you can't stop mother nature from bringing snow to Colorado.

Colorado Snow Sculpting Championship in Berthoud 2022

The teams started work on January 12, 2022, and had to be finished by the 10 a.m. on January 15, 2022, when voting began. Votes were cast by putting a dollar into the given teams bucket; those votes were tabulated later that evening.

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