A Northern Colorado bullsnake is recovering after an incident with a riding lawnmower. The snake was fortunate enough to not get caught up in the riding mower's blades, but she was not able to escape the wheel of the mower.

According to the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center, when the snake was run over by the wheel of the riding lawn mower, it caused internal neurological trauma. This trauma made the snake only move in one direction: to the left. Licensed wildlife rehabilitators Kate Boyd and Tallon Nightwalker are treating the snake at CSU Vet Hospital with acupuncture and massage.

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The acupuncture and massage will assist in the snake's recovery by helping the muscles uncramp from the position she has been in since the incident. This method of treatment will also help in the rebuilding of muscles in the opposite direction so the snake will be able to resume a normal position.

Medications were also used to treat the female bullsnake's head trauma. "She's doing so good today! " Northern Colorado Wildlife Center said via Facebook Messenger when asked how the recovery of the snake is going.

I am hopeful that this Northern Colorado bullsnake makes a full recovery and is able to enjoy a happy life far away from any more lawnmower wheels.

Source: Northern Colorado Wildlife Center Facebook 

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