Nobody likes going to the vet. But if you can finally laugh about the craziest thing your dog did to end up at the vet, you could be the winner of a $200 prize pack.

Townsquare Media's My Dog Rox contest is back and accepting submissions through Monday, March 15 — find instructions on how to enter the contest through our FREE APP below.

The most unique vet visit entries will be put into a voting contest by a panel of Townsquare Media judges. The craziest vet story with the most votes will then win the $200 prize pack courtesy of Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency and Rehabilitation Hospital, which has seen its fair share of unique vet situations.

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How To Enter My Dog Rox: Craziest Vet Visit Contest

Only dogs living at Northern Colorado addresses are eligible to win.

Looking for some inspiration? I have a personal vet story that fits the bill...

It was a fun Saturday hanging out with my son and my Mom exploring Northern Colorado and taking in some sights. It was also the ONE TIME we decided to leave our dog out of her kennel for the first time for more than 30 minutes.

We had tested it several times before and she was always so good and never go into anything...until this particular day. We were gone for about 2 hours and when we opened the door and walked into the kitchen, the first thing I noticed was a whole bunch of chocolate bar wrappers and I knew right away what had happened.

I thought we had securely put away the bars but I was WRONG. Lucy "The Labra-heeler-hound" ate 4 full chocolate bars (about 14 ounces of chocolate)

She seemed fine for a while but after a couple of hours, she began to get real erratic and restless and I noticed her heart was racing REALLY fast. She started panting and whining and that's when we took her straight to the vet where we found out her heart rate was nearly 4 times higher than what it typically should be.

They had to keep her overnight to try and get her to throw up the chocolate and keep a close eye on her vitals. Thanks to the awesome work of the vets at Fort Collins Emergency and Rehabilitation Hospital on Lemay, Lucy (who required $1,100 worth of services!) was well and has since made a full recovery.

She now stays in her kennel when we leave and chocolate is stored in the attic...just to be safe and sure.

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