It's no secret that election season can be one of the most stressful times for eligible voters. This election is unlike any we've ever seen before, and several news outlets are talking about how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may be the two most hated political candidates in election history.  It feels like there's never been such a wide party gap-- if you're for Hillary, you hate Donald, and if you're for Donald, you hate Hillary.  There's NOTHING in between.

Then, you have the third party enthusiasts looking for another option, but who are consistently told that their vote will not matter.

Madi Scruggs/TSM

Even after reading several articles from both sides, after attending a Donald Trump rally and a Bernie Sanders rally, after listening to Hillary speeches and Gary Johnson interviews, I still felt lost in my quest to choose.  Thankfully, there's a website that tries to make your decision this year a little easier, and it's something that I really value in this race.

The website is called It began in 2012 by two friends named Taylor Peck and Nick Boutelier who have differing opinions on politics but wanted a way to, as they say on the site, "boost voter engagement and education using information, data, and breaking technologies" (

The site is a basic quiz that asks you various questions about social, environmental, economic, and domestic policy issues (to name a few) and you can rank each question by importance to you as a voter.

It also includes local ballot issues based on your location, so ColoradoCare, Proposition 106 and more Colorado issues are included. will then analyze your answers and let you know who, out of every candidate, your opinions align with.

It's not a complete solution and you certainly don't have to vote for whoever you're matched with, but the information provided on the site is so thorough that for someone like me-- constantly being bombarded by conservative relatives and liberal friends-- a total clarification of the issues helps immensely with my mental clarity this election season.

Try it out for yourself-- maybe you'll find a little more peace of mind knowing that you're voting for someone you truly side with on what counts: the issues.