It's never fun when a small business goes under; it makes it especially harder when customers get caught up in the mess.  

Several women who were customers of the Loveland Wedding Shop seem to be out of luck when it comes to getting what they ordered from the shop.

Looking at reviews for Loveland Wedding Shop, it seems like they were doing a fine job. 'Were' seems to be the operative word.

FOX31 Denver has the story on how the shop has permanently closed and how there are at least several women who have yet to receive dresses they ordered months ago or have received the wrong dress.

There have been no calls to anyone about orders or the closing, and no emails, either.

The store is empty now, with a 'For Lease' sign in the window. FOX 31 came to town to talk to the owner, but was only able to talk to the sister of the owner for a bit, with not much luck in terms of getting concrete answers about the closure.

The ripped-off customers are filing a class-action lawsuit, which currently sits at about $10,000.

Their website says

Thanks for all the memories. All special orders will be completed and delivered. For questions please email or call.

And yet, they don't have the company's phone number or email on the site anymore.

Get more on the story from FOX 31 HERE.

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